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1 // Say it with us: pull, purge, place. 

We strongly encourage the art of starting with a clean slate. That means pulling every last lipstick out of your makeup drawer, every can out of your pantry and every shoe out of your closet. It's nearly impossible to properly organize a space amidst the exisiting clutter. Once you've pulled everything out, it's time to purge -- toss and donate items that are no longer of need. This allows you the freedom to only organize the items you actually use. Finally, place like items together and categorize accordingly. 

2 // Don't stay behind closed doors.

Yes, often times organization happens inside of a closet, a drawer or a cabinet -- but you shouldn't be afraid to bring those systems to the surface. Try keeping a tidy tray on your kitchen counter to sort mail, a cake pedestal displaying your favorite perfumes in your bathroom or loose baskets for toys by couches. Developing organizational systems throughout your entire home can create positive habits for your family. 


3 // Make it realistic. 

You're much more likely to abort an organization system if the process of keeping that system in place is too difficult. If perfectly pressed pants organized in ROYGBIV order is unrealistic for your lifestyle -- find something you know you can stick to. Setting yourself up for failure is never the goal.


4 // You can have form and function.

Don't limit yourself to boring storage containers. You can play with decor items like these Personalized Acrylic Catch Alls to spruce up a closet. You can add interest to a counter with these Neutral Round Cylinder Sets. If the spaces around you evoke a positive energy and you enjoy spending your time there, you are much more likely to keep those spaces tidy.  


5 // Details make a difference. 

If you're going to take the time to pull, purge and place -- you should take the time to add details that make a major impact. Adding cabinet and drawer liners not only make a space feel more luxurious, but they also save your storage shelving from typical wear and tear. 

The To-Done List // Not your typical professional organizers — we optimize the every day so you can get the most out of right now. From closet to pantry, unpack to gift wrap — we give back your space, your sanity and your time. Because there’s no time like the present.

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