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At PGF, our lives revolve around gifting, so you can trust that during the holidays, we’re pulling out all the stops. This year we’re sharing the ultimate gift guide to take the guesswork out of gift giving for the whole family!

Babies and Toddlers:

Babies can be the hardest to shop for, because they can’t tell you what they want and everything is so tiny and cute! Keep in mind that a gift for baby is really a gift for momma too, so we’ve selected a few things that will keep both happy!

Baby Toiletry Trio - The holidays mean travel, and that includes packing up all those must-haves for the littlest jet setter! This gift comes with a cylinder toiletries bag and a rectangular bag for bathtime products, pacifiers, bottles and more. The set comes in pink with ballet bath squirt toys or in blue with monster truck bath toys.

Wonder Bowl & Spoon Set - Snack time without a mess? Talk about a Christmas miracle! The fact that these bowls curve in to prevent spillage is so key. They also have cute sayings like “Put Queso in my Face-O.” What a mood. Pair with the Taco Tuesday Bib to keep that onesie fresh and clean.

Wonder Bib and Happy Teether Combo - This is a perfect gift for a mom who’s dealing with teething! The silicone teethers come with cute sayings, can be frozen for a cooling sensation on those hard working gums, and have a color coordinating bib that keeps messes to a minimum.

    Young Kids:

    The Doll Kind - This sweet plushy doll teaches kids about kindness all year long. Each doll comes with a Kindness Kit, including 10 tokens for kids to give away showing kindness, gratitude, love, hope, and friendship. In a season when most kids are thinking of what they will get, this gift prompts them to do random acts of kindness for others.

    Color Your Own Nativity - This gift is great for both boys and girls who love to color! Help your younger friends decorate the nativity, and share the story of what Christmas is all about. The finished product is a beautiful keepsake your family can display for years to come. Don’t forget to have the kids write their names on the back and the date! 

      Older Kids:

      Razzle Dazzle Cherry Box - Tweens are the hardest to shop for. It’s really a 50/50 shot at this age as to whether they’ll love what you get them, or tell you it’s lame and go back to watching Tik Toks. You’re sure to score with this kit that includes a berry scented brush, an eye and cheek palette, a pretty gloss, and a pink crossbody jelly purse. Bonus points if you throw in a mani/pedi date, too! 

      Tiki Toss Head to Head Game -Bring home this classic ring and hook game to play outside after a big Christmas lunch! It’s made of 100% bamboo and all hardware is included. This is a great gift for a kid or a kid at heart. If your family is competitive like mine...this could be something that keeps you entertained all day long. 


        Bubble Mask Love Kit -Give the teen in your life the gift of pampering to go along with all her beauty rest over Christmas break! This kit includes a personalized linen cosmetics bag, a bubble mask, a violet flower hand mask, and Huxter love soap scented with basil, lime, and manderin. The high quality products are great for sensitive skin, and it’s a classic gift that won’t go out of style like her hydroflask and scrunchies. 

        Boys Are Stinky Trio -Listen, gifting this set won’t make a guys socks smell better, and he won’t magically clean his room...but it will make your boy less stinky! This kit includes a personalized camo dopp kit, boys don't stink soap (smells so good) and - the best part - a camo Watchitude speaker so he can jam out in the shower. Will that help him stay in longer and be more thorough? Only time will tell. 

          Family Gifts:

          Storytelling Kit -Enrich bedtime stories by making it all about family and memories shared! This is such a unique gift, and it would be especially great for a young family. The kit comes with 20 story prompts and some story builder questions that help both parent and child tell the story of their lives together. There’s also a storybook to record memories, and even better, keep everyone’s handwriting to look back on for years to come. 

          Gratitude Glass Jars -In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, this gift helps families to slow down and practice intentional gratitude.. It’s easy to pull out a card for 30 days over dinner, breakfast, or in the school drop off line to count the blessings in your life and hear what the kids are most thankful for. 

          Celebrate Everyday Book -This book helps busy families record the little things worth celebrating every day, and takes the stress out of journaling. The author can jot down a line or two about the day, or fill the pages with ink. The linen cover and gold foil are so pretty to display on a coffee table, so it’s easy to grab each evening and record the happy moments of the day.

          Diamond Throw -This cozy throw is perfect for snuggling up on the couch together and watching a classic Christmas movie! The tassels on the edges make this blanket trendy and fun. 


            Cute Leopard Beanie -Beanies are such a great gift because they’re one size fits all, trendy, and functional for keeping your ears warm! This leopard print one is so adorable.

            Rose Gold Heart Tea Infuser -I’m ordering this as a stocking stuffer for one of my good friends! She recently went to Europe and brought home fancy tea, so we’ve been drinking it a lot lately. Pinkies up. 

            USB Travel Diffuser -Ordering this for the same friend who is very into essential oils and can somehow cure my headaches with whatever she puts in the diffuser. It’s magic, I swear. 


              On The Rocks Cocktail Kit -This is great for the guy in your life who’s a little more sophisticated, and includes the cup, whiskey stones, and orange bitters to jazz up his usual whiskey on the rocks. 

              Portable Wireless Keyboard -This is for the techy guy or that guy who’s running his own business and could use a keyboard for his tablet because he’s always. so. productive. *Could also be a great gift for the boss babes in your life.*

              Deck of Fun -For the guy in your life who likes to have a little fun, but also learn something along the way. The 4 decks are about whiskey, wine, beer, and (this has to be the most important one) being a gentleman. For example, the gentleman deck includes a card about meeting your future in-laws and remembering anniversaries. I bet some ladies reading this have a little brother who could really use this gift.

              Best Dad Ever Stainless Tumbler - *Cue your dad pointing to his mug like Michael Scott.* Not only is this tumbler super cute and practical, but it’s also really high quality, double walled, with vacuum insulated stainless steel. 


              Let us know what your favorites are below in the comments!

              Keep Gifting Perfectly! - Ewa

              -Owner of PGF

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