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If you are the host, delegate! We host every year and we prepare the turkey and ham. We then draw to see what the other guests will bring for sides! It will make it way less stressful for the host and everyone feels like they are contributing.

Make it fun! We let our kids pick out two games for everyone to play after dinner. The adults and kids all play together. Our go to is Jumbo Sequence, check it out-  

Make clean up a snap with our Styrofoam cups, and these pretty, sturdy plates from Costco - these are our go-to every year!  Our kiddos help us clean up so we can get to those games. Enjoy all the yummy food and toss the plates!

How can you be the perfect guest? If you aren't the host, bring a little "thank you"! It can be a handwritten note of gratitude or our lavender kitchen spray and soap duo. You could also bring the perfectly personal monogrammed kitchen hand towel, or if you are bringing an early Christmas present try our Advent Calendar. Any of these will show you are grateful for the hostess!

Let us know what your best Thanksgiving tips are below in the comments!

Much Love! - Amy

-Owner of PGF


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