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The air is going to get crisp next week for the first time here in Texas and I can. not. wait. In addition to pulling out my favorite boots, it’s time to start planning Halloween parties, Friendsgiving, and all the holiday events! I’m using some of my favorite PGF essentials to host my first Friendsgiving this year. Here’s what ya need:

Aromatic drinks are great for colder weather, so a hot toddy or wassail would make people feel warm and cozy as soon as they walk in the door. I recommend:

  • Warm wine is perfect for those who enjoy a simpler drink. Be sure to use a VinoStream ($28) to aerate and dispense the wine at the same time (because who will remember to decant the wine while you’re basting that turkey)!
  • Don’t forget the ice! Your ice bucket can also be a focal point of your drink station. I love this white melamine one ($60) from PGF. It can hold multiple bottles, and I love that I can throw it in the dishwasher at the end of the night. 

Place settings
that are layered with little name cards at each spot give your Friendsgiving a thoughtful and intentional feel. For each place you can use:

  • Wooden Chargers ($50) anchor the place setting and whimsical designs from PGF are perfect for the entire holiday season! I’m planning to use pumpkins to add a pop of color, but the turkeys are adorable too! sure to pre-order, these are a custom made item!
  • Plates & Cutlery: A set of cream dinner plates and salad plates to layer on top keeps the table clean and my chargers the star of the show. I have gorgeous copper flatware from Target that I can’t seem to find anywhere now! But this gold set ($19.99) is similar and would also be beautiful to bring a little glam to the dinner table.
  • Cloth Napkins ($11.99 for four) make your event feel more mature and formal. I love this buffalo plaid that’s popping up everywhere, and the orange and black will tie in with my pumpkins (also cute with a black & white plaid)!

Appetizers will help keep hungry helpers out of the kitchen until dinner is ready (and help soak up some of the alcohol from pre-dinner drinks)!

  • People will probably arrive hungry in anticipation of a big dinner, so offering a cheese board with markers ($10) with fresh bread, nuts, fruit, and chocolate will allow people to stay away from the Hanger zone while you finish up in the kitchen.


With a beautiful table, drinks, and snacks, all that’s left to prepare is the menu! Fortunately for me, we’re hosting a potluck Friendsgiving, so I only have to provide the turkey for dinner - no pressure! I have a sweet artist friend who’s making calligraphy place settings for each name, and I’m planning lots of greenery and a few little pumpkins to follow a burlap runner on the table. A few candlesticks and glowy candles for warm, ambient light and we’ll be ready to celebrate!  The smell of cinnamon in the air, surrounded by loved ones...I’d say that’s something to be truly thankful for. 


Keep giving perfectly this week, y’all! 

Xo, Kimberly 

-PGF Blog Contributor



Mallory Bean

The craft cocktail kits make up to 8 drinks. Cheers and enjoy!!

Mallory Bean

How many drinks will the cocktail kits make?

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